Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: An Overview

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If you don’t care for your child’s teeth while they still have them, you could end up spending a lot more time in our office when your child grows into a teenager. Baby teeth, while temporary, are critical to the overall oral health of a child, and they set the stage for good hygiene in adulthood. Here are a few bits of info you should be aware of about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, the foremost cause of oral decay in children under the age of 6.

The teeth most frequently affected by Baby Bottle Tooth Decay are the upper incisors, so keep an especially close watch on these teeth to take note of how your child’s oral health is; but tooth breakdown can occur in any teeth, so watch their other teeth as well.

The most common cause of worn-down teeth is a surplus ingestion of sugar, so try to stuff your child’s meals with healthy vegetables and whole grains rather than sugary foods like juices and bakes goods. If your child does eat something sugary, make sure they drink some water with it, and don’t forget to brush and floss their teeth.

Finally, it’s imperative to bring your child into our office for cleanings each six months. Even if your child is little, their teeth are still vulnerable to tooth decay diseases, including Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. Make sure you bring your child in for a visit by their first birthday or six months after their first tooth comes through the gumline.

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