Severe Tooth Loss Can Be Resolved With a Partial Denture

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If you receive significant oral trauma as a result of a car accident or severe sports injury, you may have several damaged or knocked-out teeth in one area of your mouth. In this case, treating the soft tissue wounds is often prioritized over restoring any tooth remnants, which can result in losing the dental roots. If the teeth are in a traumatic enough condition, they may need to be removed from the gums.

Following the healing of your oral tissues, Dr. Damon Thompson and our team can provide you with a wide range of treatment options to restore the overall function and look of the teeth. One of your tooth replacement options for severe tooth damage is a partial denture, which can secure and stabilize your smile.

If replacing missing teeth through oral surgery and dental implants or an implant-supported bridge doesn’t seem to be your preferred option, our dentists can recommend a removable partial denture.

Receiving a partial denture is typically faster than the process to place a dental implant. A partial denture is a miniature version of traditional dentures that is designed to fit to the shape and location of a large area of missing teeth, and it can be removed and reinstalled easily to restore your mouth to full function.

To create your partial denture, a dental lab sets artificial teeth into a material similar in appearance to gum tissue that acts as a foundation to secure the teeth tightly.

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