The Relationship Between Your Teeth, Gums and Mouth Jewelry

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Are you familiar with the risks of mouth jewelry and why you should always exercise caution before implementing any new ones? Although you may think that lip and tongue rings are stylish and trendy, they do come with their downfalls. One of the pitfalls of mouth jewelry is that most forms can lead to some form of dental damage. Be aware of the risks of mouth jewelry before having any inserted into your mouth. Common risks include the following:

– Most mouth jewelry products are designed from hard pieces that can easily chip and crack your teeth as they slide around in your mouth. If they are not anchored into place, enamel wear can occur over time or even happen immediately due to an oral accident or injury.
– Lip and tongue rings are known to produce various infectious diseases due to the risk of open wounds. Serious infection such as hepatitis and endocarditis are possible through the use of mouth jewelry.
– If any pieces should ever break off, they can become immediate choking hazards. It is possible for your mouth jewelry to end up getting lodged in your throat and put your life at risk.
– Several individuals may have hypersensitivity to metals or allergic reactions to the product being used, which could cause your tongue to swell or lead to other severe health risks.
– When a tongue ring is directly inserted into your tongue, it could burst your blood vessels or even cause permanent nerve damage if it is not placed in the proper area.
– When mouth jewelry is in place, it is often very difficult to clean around your mouth, and even our dentists can struggle with regular cleaning routines.

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