These Foods and Drinks Can Stain Your Tooth Enamel

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Your tooth enamel is vital for your oral health, which is why your dentist reminds you to brush and floss each day to take care of them. Did you know, some foods and drinks can severely stain or damage your tooth enamel putting your oral health at risk? Yes, it’s true! Your teeth could be at risk from drinks or foods you consume on a daily basis.

That is why our dentists, Dr. Damon Thompson, is happy to help you understand more about your oral health. Our team at Real Life Dental in Blacksburg, Virginia, has provided you with some basic foods and drinks that could be putting your oral health in jeopardy.

Here are some foods and drinks that can stain your tooth enamel:

– Red and white wine: Most people comprehend red wine’s dark colors can color your teeth. Still, the high acidities in both color wines can cause deep discoloration. White wine is higher in acidity ranking, which can cause more discoloration and injury to your teeth than red wine can.
– Sodas: Sodas are high in sugar content, which is known to harm your teeth. Nevertheless, the color dyes used to generate them mixed with their acid ranking causes natural damage to the health and shade of your teeth.
– Coffee and tea: Coffee is known to color your teeth because of the effectiveness of the beans used. However, teas can also stain your teeth. White tea can also harvest yellowing effects causing your teeth to stain and discolor over time.
– Sodas and sports drinks: Sports drinks are incredibly high in acidic ranking and consist of dyes that can darken your teeth and smile. Sugar-free sports drinks can cause your teeth to become stained because of the high acids and dyes used to color them.
– Curry: A common spice or seasoning called curry is known to hang on to your teeth and cause a yellowish hue that stains your teeth.

As you can see, many foods and drinks are dangerous to your teeth. If you avoid the substances harmful to your tooth enamel, you could help preserve your oral health and keep your teeth looking their best. If you have questions or would like an appointment, please call us today at 540-552-5433. We are always happy to work with you.