Visit Your Dentist About Gum Disease  Risk Factor Prevention

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With each passing year, your oral health is more at risk for oral ailments they can gradually wear down your teeth and gums. Your gums especially tend to be extremely vulnerable as you age due to numerous risk factors including periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. In order to protect your gums against any infections that can arise, it is important to know about its risk factors.

If you’re involved with any unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco or using drugs, you’ll be at a much higher risk for gum disease. Always make sure you are implementing ideal lifestyle choices and avoiding unhealthy habits that can severely damage your teeth and gums. If you smoke or chew tobacco, quit these habits immediately.

Some risk factors for gum disease you have very little control over. If you have suffered from diabetes, you will be at an increased risk for numerous infectious diseases such as gum disease. In addition, hormonal changes, genetic predispositions, as well as pregnancy, can increase your risk for gum disease. Genetics can make an individual six times more likely to suffer from the disease.

If you have poor dental health and routinely skip out on dental visits, you may be more likely to develop gum disease. In addition, if you have a poor diet and you’re not cleaning your mouth properly, the odds of poor oral hygiene will increase the risk for gum disease.

Achieve a better smile with optimum oral health care success courtesy of gum disease prevention. If you would like to set up gum disease prevention at Real Life Dental, you are welcome to call our dentist office in Blacksburg, Virginia, at our number 540-552-5433. Dr. Damon Thompson and our entire team look forward to upgrading your smile. We look forward to helping you with your oral health care soon!